About Me

I am currently a BA Archaeology undergraduate, studying at the University of York.

I’m not sure exactly when my interest in archaeology started, but it can probably be traced back to an excess of historical fiction and numerous holidays spent exploring ruins in rainy, remote corners of the UK!

My main research interests include the use of visual media in archaeology, and how the past is presented through art, illustration and film. Before studying at York I completed an Art Foundation specialising in Graphic Design, and last year worked as The Post Hole’s Design and Creative Content Coordinator.

About ‘Drawn into the Past’

This blog was initially set up as part of my third year special topic ‘Visual Media in Archaeology’, but I hope that it will continue to grow after my time as an undergraduate is complete.

The title ‘Drawn into the Past’ plays with idea that image and other forms of media can be used to draw people in and increase their interest in the past. I aim to investigate how image and representations are made and used, recognising their significance and their ability to convey meaning.

Through this blog, I am also hoping to improve my own creative work and practise my illustration.


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