Drawing = Seeing?


King’s Manor, York


It’s been a while, guys… turns out third year is pretty busy, who knew?

But my Visual Media essay is now out of the way, so I get to make a happy return to blogging. Since writing about the Bar Convent, I’ve been looking a bit more closely at my surroundings as I walk through York. One building in particular that I spend a lot of time in is King’s Manor. This building houses the University of York’s archaeology department, and is situated on Exhibition Square, between the Museum Gardens and the Art Gallery. It was one of the reasons I originally chose to come to York – what archaeology student doesn’t want to study in a Grade I listed medieval building?

The drawing above shows the main entrance into King’s Manor. It’s a bit of a work in progress, but will demonstrate a few of the points I’ve been thinking about recently. Continue reading


Old Secrets and New Exhibitions at the Bar Convent

I’ve lived in York for a couple of years now, but actually know very little about this city. It’s amazing how quickly you stop looking at things once they become familiar – even a building as stunning as the Minster barely gets a glance when you walk underneath it every day! Every so often though, you find something that reminds you to keep your eyes open. Continue reading